What is the going rate for a rep?

I assume reps do not work for commissions only. On average what is the typical monthly cost to hire a rep?

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I think this is really an example of "getting what you pay for". There are reps that work for commission only and others who act as consultants, as well as, sales people. If you are a start-up and you want more from your sales partnership, then I would consider researching and discussing your expectations with your prospective sales candidates. We've provided consultancies for multiple vendors and it works well for both parties. The vendor gets extra attention and the sales professional is able to craft the program to the specific needs of the manufacturer based on the feedback from their retailers.

What exact fee's are involved when a rep is selected to work on my product?

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In the specialty food business independent reps like me are commission only and don't get a fee for "pioneering" a new product. Sometimes reps work solely for one company and are paid differently, salary plus car allowance.

Thanks Drew
This was very helpful. My product is new to retail so I will do my complete homework before I decide on a rep.

Thank You

Hi Clarence,

How reps are compensated will vary depending on the type of product and category it’s in. A rep might work solely on commission of the product or brand is well established. Often times though, if it’s a new product or program, there’s a lot of upfront time and effort required to get things going and the rep will want to be compensated while they help get the program ready for their specific buyers and their ongoing efforts.

As to a specific amount, its entirely up to the rep and brand/client to come to an agreement that makes sense for everyone. If you hire the right rep, you should get the benefit of an experience sales manager at a fraction of the cost.

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