Getting a product to market shouldn’t be difficult.

We connect brands and the nation’s top manufacturers’ reps to bring products to market.

I'm a Rep I’m a Brand

Matching products with reps.

In just a few clicks, we match products with prospective Reps that can target the regions, categories or customer accounts the brand principal specifies.

Finding reps

What sets us apart?

Build virtual rep groups, invest in your reputational capital, and shape the community.

Only the best Reps in the business.

This is an invite-only platform for manufacturers’ reps, ensuring that brands can select from the sales professionals that can quickly provide access to new accounts and territories.

Endorsements verify your success

Reps can receive endorsements from brands and fellow reps, helping to reward and identify the highest achieving reps on the platform.

Build a national salesforce...virtually.

Reps on Replogic can partner across regions, categories and accounts, creating Virtual Rep Groups that can move products more efficiently and broadly.

Let’s reinvent wholesale commerce together

Replogic is a platform that connects brands with the nation’s top manufacturers’ reps.

I'm a Rep I’m a Brand