Getting a product to market shouldn’t be so difficult.

We connect brands and the nation’s top manufacturers’ reps to bring products to market.

Finding reps

We match great products with great reps

In just a few minutes, we match products with prospective Reps who can target the regions, categories, or customer accounts the brand principal specifies.

Super intuitive, and the algorithm used to determine the appropriate reps is working phenomenally.”

Nancy from Virginia

Only the best Reps in the business

This is an invite-only platform for manufacturers’ reps, ensuring that brands can select from the sales professionals who can quickly provide access to new accounts and territories.

I love the site and concept. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.”

Patrick from California

Janie Cohen

Janie Cohen of Maris Associates

  • Northwest
  • 6 years experience

Food and Beverage, Specialty Grocery

31 endorsements
Nathaniel Morton

Nathaniel Morton of Tamarac Group

  • Northeast
  • 11 years experience

Architectural Products, Building Materials

27 endorsements
William Taravella

William Taravella of Sales Solutions

  • Nationwide
  • 31 years experience

Consumer Goods, Sporting Goods

24 endorsements
Janie Cohen

Janie Cohen

Maris Associates

Nathaniel Morton

Nathaniel Morton

Tamarac Group

William Taravella

William Taravella

Sales Solutions

Build a national salesforce

Reps on Replogic can partner across regions, categories, and accounts, creating virtual Rep groups that can move products more efficiently and broadly.

It is beta so I was just trialing, but then I actually found someone that might fit my food sales.”

Austin from Illinois

Thousands of Brand-to-Rep connections made since launching our beta in July

Ronald Nichols endorsed Waylon Dalton

Nicholas Meyer endorsed Justine Henderson

Jennifer Murphy endorsed Abdullah Lang

Kevin Cruz endorsed Marcus Cruz

Austin Walker endorsed Thalia Cobb

Branon Wallace endorsed Mathias Little

Ann Perez endorsed Eddie Randolph

Keith Burton endorsed Angela Walker

Brenda Allen endorsed Lia Shelton

Teresa Cox endorsed Joanna Shaffer

Donald Fisher endorsed Jonathon Sheppard

David Rose endorsed Julia Trujillo

Douglass Cook endorsed Ashtyn Simmons

Sarah Salazar endorsed Marisol Vang

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