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Hi - I am Carlye the maker of this little shop. This shop all start...Read story

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Hi - I am Carlye the maker of this little shop. This shop all started from my love of creating pretty things and because of my daughter Ronni.

For those of you who are new around here, Ronni and Blakeley now were born out of a lot love, prayers and a little help from a lot doctors. Ronni & Blake are IVF babies, and I say that with a happy heart. My husband and I believe everything happens for a reason and our daughters were brought into our lives this way to show us patience, love and faith.

This little shop is my way of supporting our IVF journey. We will share all of the good, bad and everything in between over on our instagram account. We hope this journey and small shop show others that miracles can happen and that you are not alone.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every purchase made and for following our journey. It is very true what they say, when you make a purchase we all do a happy dance over here.


Carlye, Ronni & Blakeley

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Managed by

Carlye Cordes

Carlye Cordes

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